5 Ways Technology Will Change Your Roofing Insurance Experience

by admin | February 9th, 2015
Roofing insurance experience

Computing Everywhere

In an effort to better serve their customers, roofing insurance companies that supply contractors with general liability and workers compensation coverage will be adding a number of technology advances. Computing everywhere will be encouraged to provide easy access to their contractors’ insurance brokers for clients on the go.The needs of the mobile user in different contexts and environments will be focused on. Those needs will be met by the use of phones, electronic wearable devices, and connected screens in the workplace and in public spaces.

Pay-Per-Use Models

At the Gartner Symposium/Txpo held in October in Orlando, Gartner identified five models that could be leveraged through the Internet: “Pay-per-use model can be applied to assets (such as industrial equipment), services (such as pay-as-you-drive insurance), people (such as workers), places (such as parking spots) and systems (such as cloud services). You may want to explore these pay-per-use models with your roofing insurance agent to expand your coverage and reduce the cost of contractors’ insurance on items that you don’t regularly use like certain pieces of equipment.

3D Printing

Gartner states that “worldwide shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow 98% by 2015, followed by the doubling of unit shipments in 2016. 3D printing will reach a tipping point during the next three years as the market for 3D printing devices continues to grow rapidly and industrial use expands significantly. New industrial and consumer applications will continue to demonstrate that 3D printing is a real, viable and cost-effective means to reduce costs through improved designs, streamlined prototyping and short-run manufacturing.”


Gartner also says, “every app needs to have analytic tools. Big data will enable this trend, but the focus needs to turn toward big questions and big answers first and big data second. The value is in the answers, not the data.”

David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow, believes, “organizations need to manage how best to filter huge amounts of data coming from the Internet of Things, social media and wearable devices, and then deliver exactly the right information to the right person at exactly the right time. Analytics will become deeply but invisibly embedded everywhere.”

Context-Rich Systems

Gartner further predicts that “because of the ubiquity of embedded intelligence and analytics, systems will gain the technology to be alert to the surroundings and able to respond appropriately. Context-aware security is an early application of this capability, but others will emerge. By understanding the context of a user request, applications can not only adjust their security response, but also adjust how information is delivered to the user, greatly simplifying an increasingly complex computing world.”


The effect of the focus on mobile users will expand your options for communicating with your roofing insurance company when you need to while you’re on the job. Pay-per-use models enable your broker to customize your coverage to your specific needs. 3D printing allows your roofing insurance agent to print accurately 3D documents that you’ve created for bids that you have been awarded. Analytics ensures that the roofing insurance company has compiled and sorted out information about your business and industry for you to make more informed choices. Context-rich systems take in consideration the unique, outdoor environment you your work in.

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