Are You Eligible for Workers Compensation?

by admin | December 8th, 2014
Roofing Insurance Workers Compensation

Roofing Insurance

Roofing insurance acts as the umbrella for workers compensation. Just because you’re injured, does not make you automatically entitled to workers compensation. Whether your employer covers your medical and wage costs depends on a number of factors. As someone working in roofing, a hazard-filled occupation, you need know what requirements may make your case acceptable or an exception to workers compensation.


Eligibility depends on three factors:

  • Your employer must have workers’ compensation. Employers with three or more employees usually have workers’ compensation. Some employees with only one employee carry workers’ compensation.
  • You need to be an employee that is covered by workers’ compensation. Not all individuals employed by a business are entitled to workers compensation. Independent contractors are not usually considered employees. Seasonal workers, who are employed at specific times of the year, are usually not eligible for workers’ compensation. Likewise, free-lance employees and undocumented workers are not normally included in workers’ compensation.
  • Injury must be work-related. If your injured while commuting to work, your injury may not be covered. Accidents that happen to you on lunch break or during a company social event may not fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation. To clearly be eligible for workers’ comp., your mishap has to occur in the workplace while performing a job-related task.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are comprised of three categories: medical care, rehabilitation and disability.

  • Medical care picks up the costs of any hospitalizations. It also pays for your doctor visits. Medications that are necessary for your recovery will likewise be paid for by this part of your workers’ compensation.
  • Rehabilitation includes payment for therapeutic services, such as physical therapy, that you need to regain your health. Training required for you to become fit to go back to your job can be insured by this aspect of your benefits.
  • Disability provides a source of income to you. The amount that you receive normally equals two-thirds of your wages and is subject to income tax. Disability compensation can fall into four categories:
    • Temporary Total Disability encompasses the majority of workers’ compensation claims that are filed. Employees, whose injuries fall in this category, cannot return to work for a period of time. The disability is only considered temporary not life-long.
    • Temporary Partial Disability allows you to go back to your job, but with the caveat that you are not well enough to assume all your former duties. Over time, you are expected to fully recover and perform all the tasks required for your position.
    • Permanent Total Disability may not leave you totally disabled. What this classification means is that you are unable to be employed in your occupation or any similar jobs. This type of injury may allow you to do office work, but not the strenuous physical work demanded in the roofing or construction industries.
    • Permanent Partial Disability refer to injuries to a specific part of your body that precludes you from permanently not using that body part. For example, if you fall off a roof and do life-long damage to your arm, that type of trauma could be classified as a permanent partial disability.

Bottom Line

Workers’ compensation protects you in case of injury on the job. In your case, your employment consists of a very dangerous job-roofing. Make sure your employer has workers’ compensation, and you are covered by his roofing insurance.

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