Getting Commercial Bids and Roofing Insurance

by admin | December 22nd, 2014
Commercial Roofing

BNP Media Market and GAF recently conducted a research study into the makeup and decision-making processes of the individuals, who purchase roofing work for commercial, industrial and non-residential buildings. They asked the decision-makers how they chose roofing contractors:

  • 53% ranked being able to research a contractor online as highly important.
  • 49% felt reading reviews of the contractor by customers like themselves was crucial.
  • 29% cited the contractor’s reputation.



With 53% of building owners wanting to research roofing contractors online, you need to have a website to be competitive. Decision-makers are going to want to know if you have roofing insurance. Just stating that you’re insured and bonded isn’t enough. The decision-maker needs to know that your general liability insurance has the dollar amount to cover a commercial building project. For example, you need to state you’re insured with contractors insurance up to twenty million dollars in general liability insurance.

Likewise, it’s important to cite your experience modification rate (EMR) if it is 1.0 or less. Your EMR is used by many decision-makers to select roofing contractors for bids. A low EMR reflects that the contractor has had less than the average amount of workers compensation claims as compared nationally to other companies in the roofing industry.


78% of the building owners surveyed by BNP and GAF cited conforming to building codes as one of their most important considerations when replacing a roof. On your website, you need to specify that you comply with the state or states’ roofing codes. It’s a good idea to provide links to the state or states’ sites that you work in. If you work in Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, you would provide links to each state’s building code site because that would interest the building owner.


Obviously, the primary expertise that you want to highlight is experience installing roofs on the types of buildings your target market owns, whether that’s a fortune 500 company or a small business. Experts say the best way to showcase information on the Internet is by using a video. Have a video taken of your workers installing a roof on a building that would typify the kind your target customer would own.

Besides that, present other areas of expertise that you possess. 50% of decision-makers interviewed by BNP and GAP said that they were considering installing solar roofs in the next five years. If you have experience in solar roofing, place a picture of a building(s) that you have roofed. If you’ve installed green roofing, again post photos on your website of your work. Take an inventory of your skills and experience and decide what things do you do extremely well that competition may not do as well.


With building owners ranking endorsements from other business men at 49%, it’s essential that you get your customer’s accolades at least in writing. Ideally, if you have an excellent rapport with a client, do a videotape of him or her for your website. You may also want to list the projects that you’ve done on your website with the business name, city, state and photo of the building. Make sure you let the building owner know what you are doing and don’t include any projects, where the clients were unhappy with your work.


Your reputation is based on the quality of your work. Today third party sites such as Angie’s List rate contractors. Manufacturers also rate roofing contractors. In order to be competitive, you need to have your business rated by these organizations to establish a reputation from objective, online sources.

Commercial Bids and Contractors Insurance

Commercial roofing jobs provide the most lucrative income, but they also involve a much higher financial risk than residential projects. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the general liability component of your roofing insurance offers more than adequate coverage.

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