Obtaining Millennial Customers

by admin | February 23rd, 2015
Marketing to millenials

Millennials make up 76.6 million people out of the population. As the majority, they possess 1.68 trillion dollars in purchasing power. Understanding how they purchase and what motivates them to select one vendor over another, goes a long way towards making more Millennial customers. It also lights the pathway to increasing your business share.

How They Purchase

The majority of Millennials utilize one of three ways to make purchases: in person, on the Internet or by phone. Even though Millennials are identified by their love of technology, as many as 37% or more Generation Y individuals like to do business in person. True to their persona, some Millennials about 35% prefer to do business online. 25% of Millennials do most of their buying via the phone.

What’s important for someone like yourself, who owns a roofing business, is that you have all your potential customer-contact bases covered. What type of office setup do you have to do business in person. If you have a home-based business, what arrangements have you made to meet in person with potential customers. What does your online presence consist of? Do you have a web-site, Facebook page, Twitter or online reviews like Angie’s List. As far as phone contact, are you or is someone available to answer and respond to phone messages throughout the day.

How They Decide on Vendors

Millennials use four methods to make decisions on who they will purchase items from. 50% of Millennials base their buying decisions on referrals by people, who are satisfied customers of a business that provides the service, which the Millennial is seeking. 27% of Millennials utilize search engines such as Google or Yahoo. 13% of Millennials use online review services, such as Angie’s List. 10% of Millennials make purchasing decisions based on advertisements.


Since referrals make up half of the ways Millennials decide on who to do business with, it’s important to understand what components create a satisfied

Millennial customer:

  • Quality of workmanship
  • Fair Pricing
  • Your credentials and licenses.
  • Your roofing insurances certificates including your workers’ compensation and general liability policies.
  • Customer service that includes understanding the client’s preferences and the professional input of the vendor.
  • Mobile Apps that allow the customer easy contact with the vendor and access to a variety of information relevant to the project.

Online Search Engines

The way to appear on a top spot in an online search engine like Google and Yahoo is through your SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process by how a website becomes more visible and ranks higher in a search engine. Keywords, which searchers use to find a website, can be sprinkled throughout the website content to increase its visibility. Backlinks, links to other sites, should also be used to increase the rank of your website.

Online Reviews

Many roofers don’t take the time to be a part of an online review service. Many manufacturers of roofing materials offer online reviews of contractors in the industry areas they service. Professional organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA) can be a source for an Internet review. Likewise, Angie’s List and other referral organizations like it can give your company a boost through an online review.


Where most of your business is done locally, it’s vital that your advertising focuses on a local market. Make sure the sign on your business and the mall that your located in is very visible. Utilize your vehicles to publicize not only your business name but also any particular niche that you have. We recycle free all roofing debris. Experts in metal roofing! Use local or regional newspapers or movie theaters to get the word out about your company.

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