Succeed in Your Roofing Business With Recycling

by admin | November 10th, 2014
Succeed in your roofing business with recycling

Tearing off an old roof to install a new one generates a tonnage of debris. If you’re in the habit of disposing it at your local dump, there are a number of reasons why you should consider recycling. Recycling can cost less, distinguish you from the competition, attract new customers, improve your marketing strategy and establish relationships with manufacturers.

Getting Started

Partnering with a manufacturer provides a way to get started on recycling. Owens Corning has a program where you pledge to recycle in exchange you get marketing materials that you can use with prospects to sell your roofing services. GAF offers a certification to become a green roofer if you agree to recycle. Individually, you can research or to find out the best ways to start recycling on your own.

Recycling Cost

Recycling can save you from 20% to 40 on your disposal costs. Trips to the dump can cost $16.50 while a trip to the recycling center averages around $12.00. Dumps charge on the average $136.00 while recycling companies can cost as little as $75.00 per ton. You can also save on wear and tear on your vehicle because at a landfill you will be driving over refuse while recycling centers are paved.

Distinguish Your Company from Competitors

Distinguishing your company from the competition is no easy task. However, recycling can provide a feature to your business that differentiates you from your competitors. Recycling projects an image of you as conscientious, environmentally active and concerned about your community and the local area, where you work.

New Marketing Strategy

Recycling can become part of your marketing focus. You can start by just putting signs on your trucks advertising that you recycle. You can offer free recycling as part of your services and have a check-off box on your customer contracts. You can use a counter on your website to tally how many tons of waste you have recycled. Facebook could also provide an advertising venue showing with photos your recycling accomplishments.

Attract New Customers

Roofing contractors who recycle and market that fact have attracted leads and bids from prospects based solely on their recycling. Environmentally-conscious prospects will be won over by the knowledge that you recycle. The younger generation, which is much more environmentally aware, is more apt to hire roofing companies that recycle.

Roofing Insurance

Contractors insurance, which covers your general liability and workers compensation, as of yet does not provide any benefits for recycling. Finding a viable way to verify whether a roofing company is recycling has stumped the providers of roofing insurance. However, with the rising concerns over the environment, this could be a future option if a simplified method of verification surfaces.

Commit to Recycling

Committing to recycling can save you money and expand your customer base. Research and identify what you need to do to start recycling and get your crew on board with it. Once you’ve done that, begin recycling.

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